Useful Tips To Stimulate Your Baby’s Brain From Early On

Helping your baby develop and exceed expectations is up to you. In fact, the things you must do to help baby’s brain flourish are very simple and here we reveal a few of them so you can help your little bundle of joy reach for the stars.

Read on to find out why…

Babies can listen, remember and recognize the voices they hear while still in the womb, so be sure to talk and sing to your baby. Your baby will know your voice and you’ll begin to establish an emotional and auditory bond.

Studies have shown that music stimulates verbal skills, spatial memory, and creativity in children. Due to its complex patterns, classical music, in particular, stimulates both sides of the brain. From Mozart to Beethoven, babies love the classics.

Increase your protein intake during pregnancy, because these nutrients play an essential role in the development of your baby’s brain cells. A small daily dose of Greek yogurt as well as peanut butter can provide a strong boost.

It’s important to breastfeed your baby. Not just to establish a strong bond, but also because mother’s milk includes DHA and ARA, two natural lipids that contribute to the neurological development of certain parts of the brain.

Don’t ever stop engaging in play and challenging your baby. Much like adults, babies learn from experience and adversity. Being too accommodating can prevent your baby from developing all of his or her cognitive potential. So, if your baby is already able to sit, place some toys away from him so he can crawl. Little by little, your baby will begin to figure out how to reach his goals.

Speaking of food, there is a detailed list of ingredients that stimulate babies’ brains. Omega 3-rich fish such as salmon aid proper brain development. In fact, research has found that there is a link between children who exceed academic expectations and their mothers who consumed large amounts of Omega 3 during pregnancy.

In order to protect your baby’s cerebral cortex, be sure to eat cranberries, spinach, papaya, artichoke, and tomato during pregnancy, and to feed these ingredients to your baby.