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About us

Ricitos de Oro wants to be your best ally to pamper, love, and care your baby at all times.

It has a complete line of products made from natural ingredients and specially formulated for the care of babies' hair and skin.


Personal Care: Get to know our product lines to take care of your baby's delicate skin, formulated with natural ingredients.

Our products

We offer you a wide range of products according to the benefit you are looking for to take care of your baby. Our formulas based on natural ingredients are gentle, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free.

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Why they love us...

Vianey Suastegui

My babies always play with the Ricitos de Oro empty bottles, after emptying all the shampoo in the tub, it's very interesting!

Maria H. Acuña

I love Ricitos de Oro, it leaves my baby's s hair super soft and smelling so good.

Zulema Linarez Santamaria

Ricitos de Oro very good product! It leaves my babie'ss hair soft, silky and with a delicious fragrance.

Rodríguez Mía

I love it for my baby!

Málu Kruspe Mlvm

Our favorite cream (especially for my little girl) is Ricitos de Oro Oatmeal and Vanilla. It smells delicious and leaves her skin even softer and smoother. All the Ricitos de Oro products are our favorites, I also recommend the Ricitos de Oro Honey and Argan line.

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